2023 Pickleball Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

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On Dasher...on Dinker... Happy Holidays from the Pickler! πŸ₯³

We're so thankful for our customers and partners at Pickleball Den and we wanted to hear their thoughts for this year's holiday gift guide. We polled club organizers, tournament directors, league managers and players for a list of their favorite items.

Whether you're shopping for friends or family (or yourself!!), our experts offered up a range of recommendations from serious training tools and pickleball basics to fun, personalized gifts. Thanks to all our great customers and partners at Pickleball Den!

Now, let's dive straight into your 🎁 2023 Pickleball Gift Guide!!!


The FS Tour Series provides competitive athletes of all backgrounds with elite performance elements in a paddle that’s been proven at the highest levels.


"Never lose your paddle again or confuse it with someone else's!" - C.S. Head Pickleball Pro

Customize your very own paddle identification with the MYPadL Band. Choose from a variety of colors, fonts, messages and emojis. 😎


The Tourna Pickleball Tube is easy to use - just pop the tube over a ball and each ball will slide into the chamber. Each tube collects between 15-18 balls in a variety of pickleball sizes (indoor and outdoor).

Featured Tournaments from Pickleball Den​

​Naples Mixed Doubles Classic​

Kick off the new year competing in beautiful Naples, FL!

Hosted by Eva Welsher and Randy Sussman, January 6th-7th, 2024.

A portion of proceeds will go to Humane Society of Naples.



​The Pickle Games Miami​

Get your paddles ready for the The Pickle Games Miami! The 2-day pickleball tournament and festival created for all skill levels will take place January 13-14, 2024 with thrilling tournaments, VIP fan experiences, entertainment and more all at the iconic, waterfront Miami Marine Stadium.



The Registration Lottery for the Minto US OPEN Pickleball Championships will be held January 10th-16th! Save the date and start securing your partners now! Need help finding a partner? Visit the ​US OPEN's Player Connections page on Facebook​!

The countdown is on for the ​2024 US Open Pickleball Championships!​ πŸ—“οΈ Be sure to mark your calendar for The Biggest Pickleball Party in the Worldβ„’ April 13th-April 20th, 2024 in beautiful Naples, Florida! πŸ₯³


​Play Better Pickleball with Pickler's online pickleball video lessons! My Pro Pickleball Coach is a video collection created by Pickler to help you play your best pickleball. Pickler has teamed up with pickleball pro and coach, Steve Kennedy, to offer a compilation of over 140 video lessons (over 7 hours of lessons!), as well as a corresponding e-book, that breaks down every aspect of the sport of pickleball, including pickleball mechanics, fundamentals, strategy, advanced concepts, and drills.

πŸ“Œ Get 25% off your order from Cyber Monday (11/27/23) through December 22, 2023. Use code: Holiday23


Combining industry-changing innovations with brand new paddle composition technology, the Luxx Control Air is designed with one goal in mind: to be the ultimate control paddle for balanced Pickleball players. Building on the success of Selkirk Labs Project 003, the Luxx Control Air introduces transformative Florek Carbon Fiber technology to expand the sweet spot, amplify power play, and enable optimal performance on the court.


"I finally stopped tripping on my own feet and focused on my game!" - A.N. Pickleball Instructor

A pair of no-tie shoelaces πŸ‘Ÿ is the perfect stocking stuffer! Replace traditional shoelaces with Lock Laces Pickleball x Anna Leigh Waters. Simply slip your shoes on and off with one hand and easily adjust the tension for a comfortable fit. The elastic laces keep your shoes supportive for optimal court performance and offer just enough "give" to allow for foot swelling throughout the day.


"While not everyone has a place to set one up... it has been a tremendous product... our members and customers love it." - L.E. Club President & Founder

For a rewarding splurge, gift your pickleball fanatic a ball machine to practice their drives, lobs and dinks! Manufacturers offer machines with a variety of features including adjustable ball spin and speed, oscillating shot capabilities, and smartphone connectivity. Be sure to check basics like ball capacity, battery/charging options and machine weight to ensure they meet your player's expectations. 🌟


"Putting on an overgrip is quick, easy and can make a big difference in your game." - S.A. Club President

Don’t let your paddle grip deteriorate! Wick moisture, improve grip, add comfort and avoid a slippery paddle during hot weather with a fresh paddle overgrip. Typically overgrips are sold in packs of three.


Have a laugh and learn some great tips to take to the pickleball court with longtime humor writer Frank Cerabino's book ​I Dink, Therefore I Am: Coming to Grips with My Pickleball Addiction​! Plus, this book makes a great gift for your favorite player or partner! πŸ“š


β€œPlaying in a tournament all day requires a change of socks. It's surprising how a fresh pair of socks on a hot day, can pick up your game!” - S.A. Club President

Pro tip: Always keep a spare pair of socks in your gear bag. Pickleball players can never have enough good socks. Ensure your success on the court -comfort and support are keys to a great day of pickleball. πŸ˜…

​Saucony Performance Socks​


​Lasso Compression Socks​


"These are fun in any season on all courts." - S.A. Club President

Keep your game going beyond sunset πŸŒ… with glow-in-the-dark pickleballs! Set these X-40 outdoor pickleballs in direct sunlight for at least 15 minutes to "charge" and then hit the courts for night play.


"My friends gave me one and I loved it." - T.T. Certified Coach & USA Pickleball Ambassador

Celebrate the pickleball player in your life with a specialty bobblehead! Just upload a photo and select from a list of fully-customizable features of your pickleballer. πŸ‘


"Nothing makes your feet feel better than slipping on Oofos sandals after hours on the court." - D.D. Pickleball Executive

Pamper your feet with a pair of recovery sandals. Give your feet a break - aid in post-exercise recovery and reduce the risk of injury with improved circulation, pain relief and corrective support. 🫢


Secure all your league and tournament gear in a pickleball bag. πŸŽ’ Manufacturers offer a variety of features including paddle and ball storage, ventilated space for shoes, and loops or clips for hanging on court fencing. Choose from sling-type, over-the-shoulder or backpack bags.

​Franklin Pickleball Sling Bag​


25% discount use promo code: HOLIDAY (all caps)


"Great for hooking your bag on the fence or attaching your speaker." - D.D. Pickleball Executive

One of the most versatile and dependable tools you’ll own is a heavy duty carabiner clip. These easy-to-use, metal clips are strong and durable and come in handy on the court to hang your pickleball bag or small portable speaker on fencing. πŸ’‘ This tool is the perfect small gift for holiday stockings or as a wrapped-gift embellishment for pickleball players (or anyone, for that matter)!


"I lose water bottles almost as fast as pickleballs. You can never have too many water bottles!" - S.A. Club President

They come in all shapes and sizes and you can never have too many...water bottles! Fan favorites feature an insulated design - to keep water cool and refreshing on hot days - and handle to latch onto a carabiner clip for fence storage during match play. Give your pickleball friends the gift of hydration on and off the courts! πŸ’¦

​Selkirk Premium Water Bottle​


FILA sponsored player Anna Leigh Waters is taking the courts this holiday season wearing pieces from FILA’s tried and true Heritage Collection. Anna Leigh’s championship wardrobe includes the Heritage Racerback Tank paired with the Heritage Pleated Woven Skort, switching between monochromatic looks in the sleek ultramarine green and eye-catching fuchsia purple colorways.

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Up your game by grabbing 10% off a new paddle, shoes, and more pickleball necessities from Fromuth Pickleball (some exclusions apply) with the code 10PICKLER! πŸ’Έ


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